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Always moving forward

Presenting: AgoraX - A Game-Changer for Minecraft Creators

Presenting: AgoraX - A Game-Changer for Minecraft Creators

In the dynamic world of Minecraft, creators have always been the beating heart, infusing the game with their unique touch. But let's face it, the current avenues for these creators to showcase their work and earn a fair share have been, well, a bit of a maze. We saw this gap and thought, "Why not bridge it?" Enter AgoraX.

The Minecraft Monetization Maze

For many creators, the golden ticket has been the elusive Minecraft Marketplace Partnership. But snagging this ticket? It's like finding a needle in a haystack. The journey is long, winding, and designed to be so exclusive that the majority of the Minecraft community often finds the door shut.

The other roads? They're rocky. Platforms like AdFly and Linkvertise promise gold but often deliver copper. And while platforms like MCPEDL and Planet Minecraft are great for showcasing, their monetization methods and lack of revenue sharing have left creators scratching their heads...

AgoraX: The Dawn of a New Era

AgoraX isn't just a platform; it's a revolution. It's about giving every creator, whether a newbie or a maestro, a fair stage and an even fairer share.

Here's the AgoraX Vision:

- Goodbye AdFly and Linkvertise: Creators will earn based on the love their content gets. (Unique Downloads, Ratings, etc)

- Sharing is Caring: A chunk of the MC Addons Manager Pro Membership revenue is going back to the creators.

- Spotlight: Creators can pay to promote their content, giving it a prime spot on AgoraX's front page. This revenue will also be used to pay creators.

- Tailored Recommendations: Our smart system will nudge users towards new content from all types of creators, based on their preferences and past download history.

Quality and Learning at the Forefront

The logo was inspired by the command block element of the MC Addons Manager logo to symbolize our interconnected ecosystem of apps. AgoraX isn't just about sharing; it's about growing. Every piece of content will get the white-glove treatment, passing through meticulous automated and human checks. But wait, there's more! AgoraX will also be a learning hub, helping creators sharpen their skills and even guiding the ambitious ones towards the coveted Minecraft Marketplace Partnership.

For the MC Addons Manager Pro Members, AgoraX is rolling out the red carpet:

- Shiny Profile Badges: Because who doesn't like a bit of bling?

- Cloud Storage Deluxe: More room for all those masterpieces.

- 'Favorite' Packs: Seamlessly sync with MC Addons Manager across all devices.

- Edit Existing Packs with Addons Studio Pro: Edit any existing packs.

AgoraX is making its grand entrance:

- October 2023: Welcoming creators on board.

- November 2023: An exclusive sneak peek for Pro Members.

- December 2023: The grand reveal to the world.

So, to all the creators out there, here's our message: The stage is set, the spotlight's on, and we can't wait to be dazzled by your creations. With AgoraX, the future looks bright, and it's painted with your imagination.

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