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Always Moving Forward


Always moving forward

Addons Studio and MC Addons Manager Pro

Addons Studio and MC Addons Manager Pro

Introducing Addons Studio and the MC Addons Manager Pro Membership: Elevate Your Minecraft Experience

We are thrilled to unveil the next evolution in Minecraft customization: Addons Studio and the MC Addons Manager Pro Membership.

Addons Studio: A Fusion of Creativity

Born from the union of our Music Pack Studio and Skin Pack Studio tools, Addons Studio emerges as a response to both the community's needs and external challenges. Recently, we faced a trademark challenge from 57 Block Lab Studios regarding our tool, Skin Pack Studio. But as they say, when one door closes, another opens. This situation catalyzed the creation of a more comprehensive and powerful tool: Addons Studio.

With the Free Edition of Addons Studio, users can effortlessly create Minecraft Skin Packs to personalize their in-game avatars. The tool automates the process of coding, delivering a ready-to-import pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Additionally, the music component lets users replace in-game music discs with custom tracks, enhancing the auditory experience.

MC Addons Manager Pro Membership: The Ultimate Upgrade

October 2023 will witness the launch of the MC Addons Manager Pro Membership, a premium offering that takes your customization capabilities to unprecedented heights. Subscribers will gain access to Addons Studio Pro, which expands on the free version's features. This includes designing your skins, creating entirely custom music discs, and even altering the in-game background music.

For our esteemed Minecraft Marketplace Partners, the Pro version offers automation for packaging their packs, complete with key art, store art, content and more.

One of the standout features of the Pro Membership is the introduction of cloud storage within a personal account. This unified account will span the entire MC Addons Manager platform, streamlining the process for users to submit their addons, maps, and mods to our soon-to-be-launched Free Minecraft Community Marketplace, AgoraX. Plus, it facilitates editing existing packs with Addons Studio.

Pro members will also enjoy:

- Exclusive Early Access: Be the first to experience anything new in development.

- Priority Support: Get premium support in our dedicated Discord server.

Addons Studio Free Edition is available now, with the Pro Membership set to launch in October 2023.

Our tools stand out in the market, not just for their features but for their user-friendly design. We pride ourselves on creating intuitive interfaces that make customization a breeze, even for those new to the Minecraft modding scene.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, thank you for being a part of our Community.

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