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Always Moving Forward


Always moving forward

Pioneering Creativity in the Minecraft Universe - Empowering Community, Embracing Innovation, and Never Backing Down.

About Me

I embarked on a unique journey, starting from the creation of IRL escape rooms with my uncle until Covid hit. We searched for a new medium to bring our escape room ideas to life and we landed on Minecraft as the platform. We started the path of making online escape rooms to try and earn the coveted Minecraft Marketplace Partnership. After 3 long years and 4 maps, we achieved our goal. In the course of this remarkable voyage, I was making YouTube tutorials on how to get mods into the game to try and get more people to be able to play our escape rooms. The community kept commenting on my videos about an app called MC Addons Manager that I had to check out. So I did, and I was blown away by it's functionality. The app was a revolutionary tool that simplified the mod import process for Xbox Minecraft players.  I felt compelled to reach out to the mastermind, Osaxely, and from our very first conversation we both knew that it was the beginning of not only an amazing business partnership, but also the beginning of us becoming the best of friends. 

Recognizing the synergy between our ideas and ambitions, we formed a partnership that further enhanced the app, introducing new utilities such as the Skin Pack Creator and Music Pack Creator tools. These enhancements expanded creative boundaries within the Minecraft community. However, due to unanticipated policy changes on Xbox, we lost the app and were barred from reinstating it. 

Unfazed by the setback, we spearheaded a campaign aiming to influence Xbox's policies positively. Our commitment and tenacity led us to the doors of top-level executives at Microsoft and Minecraft. Despite our relentless efforts, the policy remained unchanged, a sobering truth we had to come to terms with.

Yet, in the face of adversity, we stay true to our mantra: never give up. We remain steadfast and continue to make strides in every endeavor, focusing on alternative methods to serve our community. With the launch of the revamped Skin Pack Studio and Music Pack Studio tools, and with AgoraX on the horizon, we wish to convey to our community that their interests are our priority. We continue to support the creative freedom of Minecraft enthusiasts, reaffirming our dedication to the cause, every step of the way.

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